Womens Perfume Offers Many Varieties

It’s possible there are as many different women’s perfume types as there are women in the world. From heavy and sensual to light and wispy, the choices of scents can be a little staggering. Finding the ideal scent will likely take trial and error, but it can be done.

Womens Perfume Offers Many Varieties

Before running out and trying to pick from the many different types of women’s perfume available, it’s a good idea to take a crash course in the major styles. The scents will vary greatly within each subclass, but the overall body will remain fairly true. The main options in women’s perfume include:


This is the type of woman’s perfume that will generally be considered “heavy” by those who don’t wear perfume at all. This fragrance class tends to include the spicy, musky scents that leave a very strong, lasting impression. Many find them to offer a unique, sensual appeal. Some of the biggest brand names in perfume can be categorized as Oriental in style. When bold and sensual statements are desired in perfume, the Oriental class is generally the one of choice.


These are the standard flower fragrances available in so many perfumes. Whether they offer just a hint of the scent or are strong in nature will depend on the make and the dilution of the oils. From rose-scented to lavender and beyond, the florals are well-loved by many and are a favorite class of women’s perfume.


Meaning sincere in French, this class of perfumes tends to embrace the natural, “clean” scents. From citrus and aquatic to woodsy and beyond, many of the perfumes that fall into this classification are light by design and easy on the nose. Rather than making bold statements like the Oriental perfumes, these fragrances tend to just give a hint of the scent.

Within each major classification of women’s perfumes, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different fragrances. From costly designer names to more affordable everyday perfume brands, examples can be found that fit in each class.

To find the best scent for personal use, it’s a good idea to look at the major characteristics of each class and match them to personal tastes. For example, a woman that enjoys stronger, bolder scents that last and last might find the musk and spices of the Oriental type perfumes alluring. Women who want smooth, light and sporty fragrances tend to flock toward the chypre varieties. Floral type perfumes scream feminine and when this is the desired message, these scents can be perfect.

Before picking out a perfume, especially an expensive one, it’s a good idea to try out a sample on for size. What smells fantastic in the bottle doesn’t always work well with a woman’s personal physical chemistry. For the best test, check out the perfume sample for a few hours and then decide if it’s the right fragrance.

With hundreds and hundreds of scents falling into the major classes of women’s perfumes, it’s possible for just about anyone to find the ideal fragrance for them. It might take a little trial and error, but there’s a scent for everyone.