What is Ethical Hacking EC0-350 Certification Exam?

What is Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures 6 (CEHv6) Certification is likewise called the EC0-350 test. Being performed via way of means of EC Council, that is one of the maximum outstanding certifications withinside the moral hacking field.

Ethical hacking is accordingly, the cornerstone of contemporary business. Companies are hiring protection analysts and moral hackers to defend their personal database and facts structures from the attackers. And, those men are genuinely paid the massive sum for this. It is predicted that near 2 million Ethical hackers might be required via way of means of 2010-2011 via way of means of diverse industries, to protect their belongings from risky and anti-social elements.

What is Ethical Hacking EC0-350 Certification Exam

Security has attained distinctive proportions in contemporary speedy converting competitively priced scenes. The IT branch in any corporation is one of the maximum well known and inclined region for hackers. It is IT which determines the manner many corporations works, and any breach in its protection turns into a huge headache. Be it any industry: Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Production, Software, Telecommunication, Movies, Entertainment, or Airlines, the safety of the records and categorized facts is turning into critical day via way of means of the day. Competitors can visit any volume to have the internal facts of their opponents.

Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures 6 is one in every one of those certifications, concentrated on the fanatics who’re aiming for a long time professional in this area. The willpower to thwart any hacking purpose and the knowledge withinside the programming area are the best prerequisite for this certification.

There are a complete of one hundred fifty questions withinside the EC0-350 test, and a complete-time of four hours is allotted for trying all of the questions. The skip percent for this examination is 70%.

The hit applicants can pass for the Certified Ethical Hacker, Master of Security Science certification.

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