When Marketing an eBook It’s Wise to Use the Introduction As a Selling Tool

When Marketing an eBook It's Wise to Use the Introduction As a Selling Tool

So frequently, eBook writers and entrepreneurs overlook that the Introduction to the eBook is frequently to be had for viewing via way of means of the web reader who’s inquisitive about buying the book. It ought to consequently be used as now no longer handiest an “introduction” however additionally an advertising and marketing message to the buyer. Over the years I’ve helped many authors put together their Forewords, Introductions, Prefaces, and Author’s Bio pages. I’ve additionally helped eBook authors edit their eBooks and helped them prepare and award-triumphing identify and a compelling desk of contents. It matters.

Okay so, let’s speak approximately the way to write an introduction. For my example, I will use an eBook approximately dependency, dependency, and substance abuse. This pattern is high-quality acceptable for a self-assist or nonfiction eBook. Read this Introduction underneath and spot in case you are capable of seeing how this web page assists you to promote extra eBooks online.


Over the ultimate many years, we have got had a hard time with the opioid/fentanyl disaster withinside the United States. Of course, as our records show – Americans have continually had troubles with dependency and dependency. We’ve treated opium, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

None of the present-day disasters exacerbated via way of means of the 2020 Coronavirus shutdown surprises dependency experts and dependency experts. After all, whilst human beings lose their jobs or come to be burdened out substance abuse skyrockets.

It’s awesome how plenty of time we spend in faculty reading numerous subjects, but something as extreme as a dependency in our society receives little to point out except one is majoring in social services, psychology, or seeking to pursue a profession in healthcare.

After doing studies writing for some residential dependency remedy facilities, I speedy found out that there’s a lot extra to recognize approximately the subject. I located that plenty of what I idea I knew changed into handiest in part accurate and that there has been a lot extra to the story.

I idea lower back to my excessive faculty and university days and all of the buddies I had and the way their paths went off beam because of substance abuse, dependency, and alcoholism. A few recovered from their bad picks of partying and sporting on, however many did now no longer. We’ve all had buddies like this, possibly we understood their pain, possibly now no longer.

Addiction is an extreme commercial enterprise, it is now no longer as clean to give up as we’d believe. Alcohol, drugs, and chemical compounds we consume can re-twine our brains making quitting extraordinarily tough or even health-damaging.

I wrote this eBook for all people who are having trouble with dependency or has a near buddy or relative that suffers from dependency. It’s additionally a great starter for all people withinside the healthcare enterprise or deliberating running withinside the dependency remedy field.

This eBook could serve parents, teachers, employers, and others who’re worried approximately this developing issue. You see, dependency and dependency impact all of us and each own circle of relatives in a few ways, because it impacts human beings we recognize and love, do commercial enterprise with, or depend upon. It’s essential to recognize the signs, the causes, and recognize what to do approximately to assist our buddies and own circle of relatives members.

I need to thank you for getting this eBook. I loved the 100s of hours of examination and studies I positioned into getting to know approximately substance abuse and dependency for our Online Think Tank. It befell to me that others may locate these statistics valuable. Thus, I condensed the subject into bite-sized, very well researched, and foot-cited articles. Next, I compiled them into an eBook layout and introduced this eBook to my series of authored works.

If you’re a person who likes to research new things, I invite you to test out the opposite eBooks I’ve written on several esoteric subjects to similarly feed your mind with pertinent statistics supporting you to higher recognize the human undertaking in all its intricacies. Thank you once more for your self-belief and acceptance as true within buying this eBook.