Do Team Based Incentives Genuinely Work?

Are you offering incentives to your teams, but you are not seeing improvements in results? If |you are, you’re probably wondering if your team-based incentives are genuinely working. What else can you do to make these incentives work?

The truth is that taking a group of individuals and asking them to work as a team is something that’s very difficult. This is because many individuals like to take a task and do it themselves. They feel that they are the only one that can do it right. This is due to a lack of trust in others.

This is where the company team building is going to come in. What you do is you utilize a company to arrange these corporate games for you. They can be event days, training days, conferences at good hotels. You can have games that assist brush the workers up on their skills and encourage teamwork rather than working alone. Each employee will acquire such attributes such as

  • Improving personal, departmental, and organizational performance
  • Build team unity
  • Achieve clear communication between workers and management
  • Discover personal habits, approaches, and styles that block productivity
  • Discover the power of a common team language

Once workers are able to experience how effectively the above can work, they will be more open to working as a team. When they are more open to working as a team, you can expect team-based incentives to be more effective. It’s important to make sure the synergies between the team are unmatched by individuals working on their individual.

Genuinely Work

Training, good management, and lots of communication are also important to have a team that’s effective. Although corporate games such as these will naturally improve the performance of the team, your team-based incentives will be more effective. For instance, it will possibly be harder for a team to dispute that a certain incentive was unfairly rewarded to another team. When working on an individual basis, it’s much easier to feel cheated out of a bonus.

But while you’re pleased about how team building company games are helping your company, you also have to do some work on your management structure. For instance, you have to make sure that it’s the team that’s benefiting and not other levels of the company. for example, the workers are less probably to want to work hard if they know 25 percent or more of the bonus they have worked for is going to management. So it’s important to make sure that they feel adequately compensated for the work or they will lose their focus as a team.

So when you combine team building and adequate compensation for the work that’s done, you will find that performance will be at a much higher level. You will also find that everyone will be much happier. Turnover will reduce and so will the amount of stress amongst the company. In other words, the entire company will be more relaxed while production increases.