All Time: 11 Best Gambling Movies

11 Best Gambling Movies of All Time

There are numerous classic gambling movies: lots of, really, to read. However, we at have trawled using the film archives and selected out our thoughts will be the “11 Best Gambling Movies ever.” There have been many who did not increase the risk for a list and, clearly, you will realize and disagree with having a couple of from the choices. However, the following films cover a reasonable number of ‘gambling-related topics’- from casino gambling to gambling online to hustling plus much more. Most critical of is that they are just, good movies.

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

The most effective biographical gambling movies around, the amorously-named Stuey features Michael Imperioli playing Stu Ungar, a greater roller famous is the main poker player to ever win three WSOP Primary Event tournaments. A.W Vidmer’s spectacle is not any high-octane thriller but shows the breakdown assertive who’d everything. The show portrays the gambler’s whole existence, from beginning to complete, showing the hedonistic highs and terrible lows. Eventually losing nearly all his money on horses, the tale of Stu’s meteoric recognition in the gambling world then dramatic fall can be as devastating since it is entertaining.

The Cooler

William H. Macy plays a character in Wayne Kramer’s movie. Macy could be the ‘cooler’ in the title – a man whose luck is battling that casinos employ him to manage while dining of punters on hot streaks. Without fail, their luck changes as well as the casino’s house edge is restored. However, when the cooler’s own fortunes change him out of the blue finds themselves is the lucky charm of each gambler in Vegas – much for the chagrin in the casinos that employ him. A pleasurable premise that’s maintained by a great central performance, an excellent knowledge of casino gambling superstitions and the thought of luck.


Though not dedicated to gambling online or casino gambling, Seabiscuit informs the charming story from the jockey’s, a trainer’s plus a horse’s rise from rags to riches. Rob Bridges plays a depressed individual lower on his luck though one possible redeeming feature within the existence Seabiscuit, an allegedly useless horse discovered with a cowboy trainer (Chris Cooper). Tobey Maguire plays the unlikely jockey who procedes steer Seabiscuit to many victories inside the great underdog tales in the 20th century. This can be about as stirring a genuine story as you’ll find anywhere.


Getting a young Matt Damon, Rounders could be the tale from the entrepreneur who covers the cost for his college charges by winning hanging around. The show is stuffed with famous faces, with John Malkovich and Edward Norton also making appearances. The movie’s showdown culminates in the dazzling high stakes game, with Malkovich playing the irrepressible poker baron that Damon must attempt to defeat. The show is transported along by brilliant performances – Norton, particularly, is spectacular – and authentic depictions of poker strategy and table banter that a handful of other gambling movies render so effectively.

The Gambler

Aptly named, The Gambler informs the tale from the college professor (performed having a compelling James Caan), which has a dependancy for casino gambling. Since the film continues, we view Caan’s character plunge into self-destruction and also the mental condition becomes increasingly more precarious. As his borrowing becomes continuously worse and the requirement of thrills threatens to endanger his existence, the show builds with a steady crescendo and brilliant climax. This can be one for your gambling purists, who are able to identify regularly while using character on-screen. Furthermore, it functions as a pretty severe warning against addiction – of any type.

The Cincinnati Kid

Another film with numerous good performances, The Cincinnati Kid, starring Steve McQueen, informs the tale from the up-and-coming gambler who pits his wits in the high roller throughout the day, Lancey Howard. Performed with verve by Edward G. Howard, Lancey concurs to battle McQueen, since a child had made his name only in backroom games with little serious competition. A Child is further hampered by a few distractions – including a beautiful girl – which threaten to topple his chances. The show culminates with players raising their stakes and, inside an exciting finale, one of these simple thrillingly released on top.

With a various outstanding true story, 21 can be a modern classic in the casino gambling movies genre. Occur age before gambling online had set lower its stall, this really is really the story plot from the maths professor (Kevin Spacey) training up several gifted students to count cards inside the major casinos around the Vegas strip. Below can be a thrilling tale of adrenaline-fuelled trickery, unfaithfulness and hedonism that wouldn’t be believable whether or not this hadn’t really happened. Anybody provided with a passing fascination with casino gambling, blackjack, and card counting will like this exciting ride.

The Hustler

A classic in any manner relative it is, The Hustler can be a tale occur an occasion when gambling online involved as near the simple truth is to mankind living on Mars. Paul Newman’s “Fast” Eddie Felson could be the upstart by getting a mindset trying to pit his pool skills in the legend that was Minnesota Fats. A chastening experience soon sees him in advance minimizing on his luck, and merely the callous mentoring of manager Bert Gordon might take him anywhere near where he was formerly. This really is among individuals gambling movies having its heart in the origins in the pool-halls and backrooms that US gambling was built on.

The Sting

The star duo of Paul Newman and Robert Redford – who combined so effectively throughout their careers – play two disadvantage men, one a newcomer but another a specialist. Together they target a greater-flying criminal boss who loves an excellent gambler and who’s after Redford’s character within the start for just about any previous swindle. Gambling movies rarely have as many twists and turns as you’ll find here since the ‘long con’ can get increasingly more complicated as well as the danger levels for protagonists to reach a crescendo. Finally, a remarkable denouement provides an ample payoff for just about any truly nail-biting, suspense-filled thriller.

Casino Royale

There are 2 versions of Ian Fleming’s story, but unquestionably most likely probably the most accomplished is director Martin Campbell’s take, starring Difficulties. Set at breakneck speed, the tale follows 007 while he assumes another villainous figure, now by way of the poker-playing, torture-inflicting Le Chiffre. The marriage scene inside the movie – and most likely probably the most unforgettable scenes in recent film history – centers by having an incredible showdown within the felt in Monte Carlo when Bond assumes his foe inside an all-or-nothing game. Interest rates are furious, Avoid Eco-friendly is scrumptious as well as the poker – simply jaw-shedding.


Probably the favorite of gambling movies plus a sweeping classic that’s of film buffs’ Top Ever Favourites lists, Casino could be the epic tale of mob-controlled casino gambling in Vegas. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci star, the initial just like a casino owner with mafia ties as well as the latter just like a psychotic enforcer whose increasingly more erratic conduct starts to threaten both their lives. Throw to the mix the seductive charms of Sharon Stone, some towering support performances and most likely probably the most harrowing and memorable scenes in film history, plus you’ve got the best combination for just about any classic great.